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Monday July 25, 2016


Member since: September 16, 2010
Last visit: December 11, 2011
Name: anty
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Location: Murrieta (CA)
Country: United States
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category: Love | December 7 | @225 | comments comments(19)

So what's next? After White Xbox 360 Controller Alan Wake I'll see how I Red Wii Controller feel. If I fancy a return to accessories with Xbox 360 shooting action games it may well be another go on Bulletstorm; or Blue Wii Controllers perhaps Crysis 2, Vanquish or Gears of War 2. RPG's are well represented in the to-play pile discount Kinect for Xbox 360 with Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Mass Effect 1/2, Rise of the Argonauts Best Wii accessories and Dark Messiah. Alternatively I could finally take the dip with Red Dead XBox 360 and Hard Drive Redemption, Gray Matter, Arkham Asylum or Deadly Premonition. 8812abc09 1208


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Published on: 12/07/2011

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12/07/11 @229
So what else did I actually play Controller for Xbox 360 to any degree? Well, the XBLA title Braid came highly recommended from friends and the internet alike, so I completed that, although never bothered with the seemingly Controller for Wii impossible speed runs. Bulletstorm is a manic and amusing shooter that I got a fair way into accessories of Xbox 360 before losing a game save, so I must try that again some day; Halo ODST I enjoyed as Wii with Controllers well, it being just different enough from the other Halo games to engage and entertain. More Xbox 360 and Kinect recently I've completed a brace of big-hitters in Halo Reach and Gears of War and am accessories for Wii currently taking as break from all Hard Drive for XBox 360 the frantic shooting action with a (so far) pleasing experience in the company of Alan Wake. 8812abc09 1208

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